Monday, June 11, 2018


One of my best friends wanted to upgrade me from a sleeping cot and surprised me with a new 8" green tea memory foam bed & frame. What a fantastic & thoughtful house warming gift to return home too!! Thank you dear friend!! Sweet dreams everybody!

House Renovation Cost: NEW BED = $0 (gift)... I'm so grateful!!

*I'm posting about this house renovation journey and associated costs partly because this specific journey is one of the current callings in my life and I want God to receive all the glory as I attempt to walk in obedience, wisdom, & discipline... and partly because I'm the director of a non-profit ministry and I believe that fact alone requires a certain amount of public transparency even if it's a personal expense. I like being transparent about everything, especially expenses, great deals, gifts, etc... and I also want to share about this journey partly because, to me, it's fun and interesting and I hope it is to those who read it.