Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Thank You (Day One From Lauren)

First of all, a huge thank you for following along with our trip!  We so appreciate your prayers. 
We arrived last night, and everyone settled into their host families houses. I have been blown away by the excitement that families have shown to host these students, and their commitment to that role. We are thankful.
These 5 students have been so resilient and up-for-anything, and watching the way that they invest is a blessing to me.  Everything is tougher in another language, but they are embracing time with their host families, communicating with each other in Spanish, and jumping on opportunities to practice in conversation. I could not be more proud of them.
Today they spent the morning with their host families, then met for lunch and a tour of the town. We had a few errands, and let the students lead so that they could practice their Spanish - they had a key made, went to the copy shop, bought chips for their cell phones, etc. 
All of the host families, along with a few other key families in the church, came together for dinner and a game of fishbowl (catch phrase and charades). The students took turns describing, acted things out with their host siblings, and guessed and laughed along. It was a beautiful picture of community.
Today we will leave for a 2.5 day trip to Monteverde, a cloud forest in central Costa Rica. 

-Lauren (Spanish Teacher)