Saturday, May 13, 2017

DoLa (Doug & Laurie) - The Proposal at Niagara Falls

This is our original proposal video at Niagara Falls just prior to New Years 2010 =)

THE SET-UP: I told Laurie that we were making a promo video for a future GTD trip to Niagara Falls, but I was actually preparing to take a knee and ask this cherished treasure to be my wife. We crept past a chain that was closing off the upper overlook terrace. We set our jackets aside for the promo video. She was standing in the cold while I was setting up both the camera and video camera on tripods. And then it happened! This is the priceless footage that was captured =)

Although 2010 wasn't the right timing for us, we consider this our official engagement. It was the beginning of a 7 year journey to the right timing. Sometimes it's better to be right on time instead of too early! =)

FUN FACT: Laurie's parents were married at Niagara Falls. As they like to put it, they "took the plunge at Niagara Falls!"