Thursday, January 5, 2017


It was an amazing day of hard work yesterday as the Trinity crew teamed up with the local church and began tackling 5 significant projects:

1) Building a new home for a family who lost everything from Hurricane Otto.

2) Building a one room "home" for a kind man who is going blind from cataracts and who lost everything from the hurricane, and to add insult to injury had his wife leave him for another man and took their 2 kids with her.

3) The sorting of thousands of pieces of clothing and a lot of food that has been donated by fellow Costa Ricans across the country for distribution to those displaced and adversely affected by the hurricane.

4) The planning of 3 carnival days for the kids impacted by the hurricane.

5) Painting the local soccer field goal posts, fencing, and dugouts as a service project from the church to the community.

Just prior to starting the projects we toured the devastation caused by Hurricane Otto including the location where the pastor lost 4 family members. It's very sad. The amount of damage near the rivers is immense. 

We are so impressed with this team! They've hit the ground running highly motivated with hearts full of love and compassion.

Our spiritual theme this week is "Planting Seeds". We are spending quality time with God each morning in our daily devotionals as well as each night with our Impact Point sermon time.

Keep us in your prayers as we strive each day to maximize the impact being made.

More updates to come =)