Thursday, October 27, 2016

GTD, Welcome To FLAGSTAFF! (New Gear Cache Location!!)

We are excited to announce that GTD has chosen beautiful Flagstaff, AZ as our next Gear Cache location! Flagstaff is a wise and strategic choice for GTD for several reasons (but especially because of its location, location, location). It's the largest city near the Grand Canyon to which we've offered yearly trips since 2011. We have multiple airports to choose from which increases flexibility, options, and cost savings opportunities (Phoenix is only 2 hours away, Las Vegas is 3.5 hours away, Albuquerque is 4.5 hours away, and Flagstaff itself has a local airport that is serviced by American Airlines). Flagstaff is also located within "The Grand Circle" which has the highest concentration of National Parks & National Monuments (as well as a phenomenal network of scenic byways) inside the United States! It seems like almost all of our trips out west pass through or near this wonderful city so, in many ways, Flagstaff is a natural choice as GTD's next Gear Cache location. We are thrilled about the growth, development, and outreach that we believe will result from this!

What is a GTD Gear Cache location? It is a strategic location in which we store (also known as: "cache") camping and adventure gear so that GTD can more efficiently and cost effectively provide Christ-centered group outings at spectacular nearby destinations. Instead of having to transport all of our gear from Florida each trip a gear cache enables us to save time, money, and tons of extra effort by being easily and readily available for use at a moment's notice. This "ease of access" also enables us to potentially run events year round instead of being limited to only certain weeks of the year. This obviously increases our ministry potential and fruitfulness. Our Gear Caches are covered by insurance and stored in professional temperature controlled private secure storage units in safe locations.

This means many more GTD events out west!! Praise the Lord!