Monday, February 1, 2016


I've had some pretty effective months of work through the years, but January 2016 may have been my most productive month ever. I've been experimenting with the Pomodoro Technique of 25 minutes of singularly focused undistracted work and then you take 5 minutes off... and then back on again for 25 minutes... and so on. No multitasking allowed! I was able to set aside 20 Pomodoro Work Days in January (It doesn't include retreat work days or manual labor hours or meetings... it just includes office work days with all possible distractions and multitasking shut off.). I can't tell you how pleased I've been with the results. It's like the difference between a light bulb and a laser. It's all about focused energy and it has increased my productivity and effectiveness while decreasing lost minutes and hours to things that can so easily distract throughout the day. I'm tweaking it a little bit so that it becomes a custom fit for my life, my priorities, and my irregular work/travel schedule, but so far I absolutely LOVE IT! I'm looking forward to another monomaniacal month of highly productive & effective work. And I'm stoked that we get one extra day this month (LEAP YEAR)!! Let the February pomodoros begin! Happy February friends =)