Saturday, October 17, 2015

Rest & Recovery

Took the past week off to rest, recover, and get ready for our fall adventure season. We pushed hard for 5 straight months of non-stop events including 4 months of travels, camping, and primitive living. It was a jam-packed God-awesome season of camp ministry. It's a whole lot of fun, but it's a ton of physically demanding work too. I spent the week getting caught up with family, watching some of my favorite shows that were recorded, and sleeping in everyday. It was just what I needed. Now it's time to transition back to my administrative work, fall events, office reconstruction, and preparation for our 2016 events. Thank God that I love work otherwise I'd have a hard time leaving this comfy couch - LOL!! I'm so looking forward to all that God has ahead of us. PJ!! Giddy up! 

(PS: Thank you so much Jason Doyle & crew for designing & building my little "happy place" here at GTD Central!! It has blessed me more than you'll ever know!)