Thursday, October 1, 2015


During our 10 day recon trip of Utah we visited the "Mighty 5" National Parks within the state. All were spectacular! But they may not all fit within the criteria of a future GTD group event. And that's why we recon them before we bring groups here. We are now taking all the information we've acquired and piecing together what we believe will be a once-in-a-lifetime God-awesome event to provide to future groups. Utah definitely has the WOW factor! In Romans 1:20 God's word says that God has made His invisible qualities evident through creation so we believe that every destination on earth reveals another unique attribute of our amazing Creator. Utah was no let down in this regard. On the contrary, it exceeded expectations! A big thrust of our ministry is to bring people to places that display the majesty of God. You can't avoid His majesty in the mountains, plains, valleys, and canyons of Utah. There is so much variety of magnificent beauty here. It's absolutely breathtaking! We believe that the 10 days we spent here were a great investment for the future of GTD. Now Laurie and I are spending a few more days here to piece it all together into a trip that we prayerfully hope to offer next year during GTD's 20 Year Anniversary!! It's all coming together quickly. We want to thank our supporters and ministry fans for your prayers as we seek to follow where we believe God is guiding this ministry. We believe our supporters will be overwhelming pleased with Utah as our next GTD destination out west. And we know you will all be happy with the frugalness that was taken in this endeavor as we used airline points to purchase our flights, camped out & stayed in inexpensive humble accommodations, used discounts to rent our vehicle, and ate mostly backpacking style & grocery bought meals. In other words, we did this trip on the cheap just like a non-profit organization should. We look forward to sharing with all of you the final trip plan as soon as we finish piecing it all together. It's happening quickly! Thank you for believing in and supporting this ministry! A new God-awesome trip is in the works!! God bless :)