Monday, March 23, 2015

DAY 78 (52 Days)

THINGS ARE "HEATING UP"... ERIN POWELL HITS THE PERMANENT PRESS CYCLE IN GTD!! We are "busting out" with great news! We are excited to announce that GTD has hired on Erin as our permanent part time staff. She was originally brought on temporarily for 1 month to help us with our 52 Days campaign. One month turned into two months and now we've asked her to stay on as long as she likes. We're honored and excited to have her on Team GTD. Erin is one of the most fun, intelligent, hard working, and Christ-centered young adults we've ever encountered. She will play a critical role in helping GTD with hundreds of tasks we want completed during this year (our 19th year of ministry). Erin is a full time nursing student and will work for GTD about 15 hours per week. We look forward to the year ahead and all that God has in store. It's an exciting time to be a part of GTD! (PS: A lot of people ask me where I get all of my dry jokes from. Just look at the picture... now you know!)