Thursday, November 20, 2014


The preliminary results are in. We are thrilled & humbled to announce that our Annual Banquet results this year are RECORD BREAKING!! We raised $45,000!!! All Glory to God!! We are jaw-dropped and speechless at the results. It is nothing less than miraculous (read below)!!

The total amount ($45k) represents one-time donations plus monthly partnership pledges made for 2015. This amount may continue to go up since we don't finalize the results until Dec 31st.

We want to profoundly thank everyone involved in this amazing response. We are blown away! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We praise God for moving the hearts of so many people to strongly support this ministry.

This was nothing short of a miracle in our view. We only had 3 weeks to "throw this event together". We were so busy leading up to the month of November that we literally had no time to prepare for this event. We didn't have a guest speaker. We had virtually no auction or raffle items. We didn't even get a chance to mail out invitations! It was the least prepared we've ever been for our Annual Banquet. And God stepped in and moved mountains on our behalf. Thank you Jesus!!!

On the night of the banquet - Nov 18th - we officially began a 14 Month Funding Drive to "Rebuild The Walls of GTD" and prepare for our next 20 years of ministry (our next 20 years begin in Jan 2016). We set the Funding Drive goal amount at $250,000. This goal represents the estimated total gross amount needed to put GTD in a very healthy position to launch into our next 20 years of ministry. This is not a 14 month fundraising drive. This is a 14 month funding drive. That means that in addition to fundraising events, our regular fee based programs and events will also go towards the $250,000 goal (the expenses for these events have already been factored in).

This is a HUGE step in a transformational direction, but we still have $205,000 to go. We are asking for your help. Like the people of Jerusalem in the book of Nehemiah, this is a "all-hands-on-deck" call. We are calling out to all current and past GTDers. Let's get GTD ready for the next generation! We are asking everyone to help out in the following 4 ways: (1) Donate to GTD, (2) Sign-up to be a GTD Monthly Partner for the next 12 months, (3) Tell your church, pastors, and group leaders about GTD and get them to do a GTD event, and (4) Sign-up to be a part of our 52 Day objective (Jan 5 - Feb 25, 2015). Together we can accomplish great things!