Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Introducing "The Brick" - GTD's NEW Survival Pack

Part of outfitting a group for a major hike into the Grand Canyon is preparing for the worst. It's a challenging balance between the priority of having a lightweight backpack and also carrying extra pounds of items that you hope you never need. Introducing GTD's NEW Survival Pack, also known as "The Brick". It's full of essential items that are worth their weight in gold if a hiker ends up in a survival situation. Filled with items such as fire starter, tinder, signaling devices, water purification, first aid, parachute cord, survival blanket, and more, it literally can be the difference between life and death in a worst case scenario. It's likely that our 40 hikers won't ever have to use "The Brick", but in the remote possibility that they do it will be the best additional weight they've ever added to their pack.

We want to thank one of our great volunteers, Jessica, for spending the day organizing & packing The Brick. She's not going on the trip with us, but she has already made a difference on this event!