Thursday, November 22, 2012

SWAMP THING (Dec 14-16)

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SWAMP THING Everglades Backpacking Trip
Dec 14-16

Swamp Thing is a 3 day Christ-centered journey into one of North America's unsung wild places - the Everglades of south Florida. The Big Cypress Swamp is a spectacular, rugged, rare, subtropical landscape experienced by very few adventurous souls each year. It is hauntingly beautiful. And it is enormous, covering 2400 square miles.

GTD's Swamp Thing is a 3 mile out-and-back (6 miles total) hike through the fresh water swamp that flows into the Everglades. We will trek in 3 miles and camp for 2 nights on a small pineland island which is surrounded by an endless river of grass, cypress trees, and marsh swamps. Each day we will explore some of the rarest terrain in the world. About 75% of our hiking trail is through swamp water anywhere from ankle to knee deep.

This is an adventurous and challenging hike that will cause a sense of wonder and praise deep within your soul as you see the creative genius of an Almighty God. Each day we will start the morning with personal devotions and each night we will spend some time focusing on a Biblical topic. Only through God's amazing power can the grunge of a swamp be used to refresh your soul. Come and see why adventurers haven't experienced anything until they've experienced The Swamp Thing.