Monday, October 24, 2011

IGNITE "Breakdown"

Ignite finished strong. We spent the early afternoon breaking down camp. "Many hands make for light work" and everyone helped make packing up a very smooth & easy task (Thank You Igniters!!) =). It was great spending time with my awesome cousins as well as several repeat participants and a few newbees!! We were excited to have 4 families involved this year in addition to several individuals that attended. The campsite, the participants, the weather, and the presence of God made this a very special weekend. We're already planning next year's Ignite!!

On a side note, we had some GTD vehicle issues on the way back to Largo. If you know the 15 year history of GTD then you know getting to & from the destination is smetimes more of an adventure than some of our activities - LOL!! After 2 days of charging cell phones & camera the F250 had to be jump started before we could leave. Then in Tampa the maroon F150's transmission started having problems. It took about 2 extra hours to make it home, but the fun-loving attitudes made it another GTD highlight indeed. Special thanks to Brandon Hanes for all his help during the trek home... what a great Godly guy!!