Sunday, October 23, 2011

IGNITE Night 2

We had a great 2nd night on the IGNITE Retreat. Yummy tacos for dinner followed by some sweet praise & worship by Spencer around the campfire. Then we had our Bible study around the fire ring followed by smores & a great outdoor move (The Count of Monty Cristo) Our Impact Point revolved around being "On Fire For Christ". We talked about how Jesus calls us to be like a fire on top of a hill to reach the world for God's glory (Matt 5). A fire provides light, warmth, protection, preservation, purging, & comfort. It takes fuel, oxygen, and a spark to start a fire and continued fuel & oxygen and a lot of hard work to sustain a fire. To put out a fire it has to be sufficated or the fuel must be seperated & expended. What spiritual lessons does God want us to learn through fire??? We talked about many lessons we see... what lessons do you see?