PADDLE PROWL Caladesi Island (Feb 6-7, 2021)

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$25 +

PADDLE PROWL Kayaking & Island Camping Trip
February 6-7, 2021 (Sat-Sun) - Dunedin, FL (Caladesi Island area)


PADDLE PROWL 2021 (Celebrating 25 Years of Ministry!)

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Here's the gist!

PADDLE PROWL is what we call our multi-day paddling camping trip that's open to the public. People come to Florida from all over the US to paddle some of the best waterways in the country. Many of these watery destinations stretch for hundreds of miles and take several days to experience by kayak or canoe. PADDLE PROWL is designed to help paddlers get a taste of some of Florida's top liquefied paradises as we prowl down another one of God's amazing creations. Let GTD put you in the seat of one of our Touring Kayaks or Mohawk Blazer Canoes as we pack in our gear and lurk down God's viscous playground. When we aren't paddling we will either be playing in the water, fishing for dinner, setting up camp, or spending time growing in our faith. It's a God-awesome Christ-centered total package! Unless otherwise noted below we can take up to 10 paddlers per trip. Spots do go fast so sign up today.

Check out this video from one of our Paddle Prowl trips

The Specifics

  • PADDLE PROWL Kayaking & Island Camping Trip
  • Feb 6-7 (Sat-Sun
  • 2 Days / 1 Night
  • Arrive to START location by 8:30am on Saturday. Paddling begins around 10:30am 
  • Sunday by 4:00pm
  (See "What Is Included" and "What Is NOT Included" below)  
  • $25 (plus meals and parking fees)
      TO REGISTER:  
    • STEP 2: Select one of our payment options to lock in your spot.
    • IMPORTANT - BEFORE ARRIVAL: PRE-PURCHASE OVERNIGHT PARKING PERMIT FROM: DUNEDIN COMMUNITY CENTER (DCC) ($10 for 2 nights). DCC is 10 minutes from the Dunedin Causeway. DCC opens at 7am on Saturday | 9am on Sunday | and 6am on weekdays.
    • Dunedin Community Center: 1920 Pinehurst Rd, Dunedin, FL 34698
    • START - Kayak Put-In (Saturday morning): 
    • OVERNIGHT CAMP: Island Camping on one of the spoil islands (Saturday night)
    • FINISH - Kayak Take-Out (Sunday afternoon): 
      MIN. PEOPLE:  
    • 2
      MAX. PEOPLE:  
    • 10
      AGE RANGE:  
    • 13 and older (17 & under must be accompanied by an adult)
    • Small groups welcome, but your group size can not exceed 5 people
    • Most kayaks are 1-person. 
    • Tandem Kayaks & Canoes require 2 paddlers. (The most experienced paddler should sit in the rear seat in order to steer the vessel.)
      CANCEL DATE:  
      (If the minimum amount of people do not register for this event by the date listed below then this 
        event will be rescheduled or cancelled.)  
    • The Monday prior to the Start Date
    • Participants supply their own transportation (Transportation is not supplied by GTD)
    • PARKING: Overnight parking permits are required. Each permit costs $10 per vehicle and is good for 2 nights. Parking permits are not included with the cost of your trip. Each driver must purchase their parking permit in person at the Dunedin Community Center (DCC) prior to arrival to the Dunedin Causeway parking area (which is about 3 miles apart). The permit process usually takes about 10 minutes and prevents your vehicle from being towed or ticketed.
    • IMPORTANT - BEFORE ARRIVAL: PRE-PURCHASE OVERNIGHT PARKING PERMIT FROM: DUNEDIN COMMUNITY CENTER (DCC) ($10 for 2 nights). DCC is 10 minutes from the Dunedin Causeway. DCC opens at 7am on Saturday | 9am on Sunday | and 6am on weekdays. 
    • Dunedin Community Center address: 1920 Pinehurst Rd, Dunedin, FL 34698
    • MEETING LOCATION: We will be meeting at the Dunedin Causeway (2 Causeway Blvd, Dunedin, FL 34698) to issue gear, receive instructions, and launch the kayaks.
    • RESTROOMS: Fully equipped public restrooms will be available at the Dunedin Causeway a few hundred yards from the kayak start & finish as well as at Caladesi Island State Park where we will be for a few hours. But there are no public restrooms available during the paddling trip or on the spoil island (we will have a primitive portable toilet on the spoil island).
      • Meet at Dunedin Causeway (eat breakfast before arrival)
      • Welcome, Introductions, Collect Waivers
      • Issue Kayaks / Canoes; Paddles; PFD's; Distribute Gear
      • Pack Kayaks / Canoes
      • Paddling Instructions
      • Group Picture & Group Prayer
      • Put-In / Start Paddling
      • Paddle to Caladesi Island State Park (Explore Caladesi Island on foot: 1.5 mile hiking trail, boardwalk, & beach.) Eat lunch (optional: eat at Cafe Caladesi)
      • Paddle through the Caladesi Island Kayaking Trail and then over to a nearby spoil island. Island clean-up. Set-up camp on island
      • Dinner / Campfire / Fellowship / Impact Point
      • Lights Out
    • SUNDAY
      • Wake-Up / Breakfast
      • Morning Devotions
      • Break Camp / Pack Kayaks  
      • Paddle to western beach side of Caladesi Island / Lunch / Beach
      • Paddle to take-out spot (Dunedin Causeway)
      • Rinse, clean, and return all kayaks, canoes, paddles, gear, etc
      • Load kayaks on trailer / Goodbyes / Depart by 5pm
      • Optional "Victory Dinner" afterwards
    • The meals you purchase for this trip will be similar to meals on a backpacking trip because they have to be packed in. We will be supplying you with portable backpacking stoves & cookware for cooking.
    • NOTE: RESTAURANT OPTIONS AVAILABLE DURING SOME TRIPS! (Check the agenda and trip description to see if there are any restaurant options during your trip)
    • WHERE TO PURCHASE: Most grocery stores such as Publix have great selections at low costs. Sporting good stores carry specialty backpacking meals & usually cost a little more.
    • AMOUNT: Bring enough food for 4-5 camping meals plus trail snacks. It's better to have too much than not enough.
    • SIZE, WEIGHT, & PACKAGING: Food should be somewhat lightweight & waterproof. Seal it in zip-lock bags. 
    • STOVE & COOKWARE: There will be camp stoves, utensils, mess kits, and cooking pots supplied.
    • BACKPACKING MEAL EXAMPLES: "Mountain House" makes a large variety of dehydrated freeze-dried meals that are delicious and simple to prepare. Mountain House backpacking meals can be found at sporting good stores, online, and a small variety at Walmart. Some other examples of backpacking foods are instant mashed potatoes & instant gravy, tortillas & pepperoni with sealed cheese, Ramen noodles, Lipton pasta packets, vacuum-sealed tuna fish, vacuum-sealed salmon, vacuum-sealed chicken breast, spaghetti w/sauce, granola/breakfast bars, pop tarts, freeze dried foods, pastas, oatmeal, dried fruits, peanut butter, jelly packets, hard rolls, nuts, m&m's, raisins, sunflower seeds, trail mix, etc. PLEASE DON'T BRING MAC & CHEESE - IT BURNS TO THE COOKING POTS.
    • SOME PEOPLE LIKE TO freeze a small steak or some type of meat and let it thaw as we are paddling to our campsite so they can enjoy it for their first meal.
    • ALSO: This is a great place to go fishing if you would like to attempt catching your own dinner. (Florida salt water fishing license may be required)
    • Full time guides, event planning, kayaks or canoes, paddles, PFD's, dry containers (5 gallon sealed bucket or 1 large dry bag), camping equipment (including sleeping bags), cooking supplies, Christ-centered devotional, a God-awesome lifelong memory!
    • Transportation, parking fees, meals & snacks, water bottles, items listed on checklist (see below).
    • GTD Waiver [Please print & complete prior to arrival] (Any participant under 18 must also have parent / guardian sign each waiver)
    • BE PREPARED FOR ALL TYPES OF WEATHER! Check the weather for Caladesi Island State Park before arrival and prepare accordingly. Typical weather for this time of the year is cooler, sunny, and dry. Temperatures usually average a high of the mid70's°F and a low of the mid 50's°F. Be prepared for the weather. Use sunscreen. Wear shade hats. Stay hydrated. Wear appropriate clothing for the forecasted weather. Always bring a poncho!
    • GTD: 727-692-5296 (GTD cell phone - Doug Garner)

    Another liquid sensation in God's playground!

    (Click picture to enlarge)

    Here's how describes Caladesi Island:
    "Named the #1 natural beach in the nation in 2008, this Florida State Park is one of only a few remaining natural islands in Florida. The island is accessible only by watercraft via a 108-slip marina with sandy beach and floating dock access for canoes and kayaks... The island features a three-mile marked canoe and kayak trail through the mangrove tunnels, which begins at the southeast corner of the marina and travels through the eastern side of the island. If you would like to circumnavigate Caladesi, there is a short portage on the southern tip of the island. A hurricane closed this pass a few years ago and the island is now connected with Clearwater Beach to the south. There is also a three-mile upland nature trail and a number of surrounding spoil islands. The waters along the eastern side of the island are lush with seagrass beds, encouraging the presence of marine mammals and numerous species of fish. The island itself is home to a number of nesting birds, including pelicans, snowy egrets and blue herons."

    Caladesi Island is regularly listed in the Top 10 beaches in the United States and GTD is thrilled that our Paddle Prowl adventure will revolve around this amazing natural national treasure. We will kick off our journey from the Dunedin Causeway and paddle 2.5 miles to the Caladesi Island Marina & Cafe. There we will enjoy the remote pristine beach, beautiful boardwalk, and nearby hiking trails before eating lunch. Afterwards we will climb back into our kayaks and paddle a total of 2.5 miles south through the shaded mangrove canopy of Caladesi Island's kayaking trail and over to a nearby spoil island to set-up camp. As stewards of God's amazing creation we will spend some time serving the community by cleaning up any litter and storm debris on the island as we make our nest for the night. Our goal is to leave the spoil island better than we found it! While on the island we will relax, cook dinner, hang out, enjoy a beautiful campfire, and dive into something we call "Impact Point" as we discuss another life application principle of God's Word. Eventually it's off to bed for the night. In the morning we will cook breakfast, do our morning devotions, break camp, and load up the kayaks for our next trek. We will paddle 2.5 miles to the other side of Caladesi Island. Along the way we will portage our kayaks across the land and paddle along the western beach side of Caladesi. There we will take a lunch, restroom, and beach break as we relish this incredible destination one more time. Finally we will paddle the remaining 2.5 miles as we loop back around to our vehicles at Dunedin Causeway where it all began. We will need your help collecting the GTD gear, cleaning out & rinsing off the kayaks, and loading up all the vessels on the trailer. We will do one big group hug, pray, and say our goodbyes before journeying off with a God-awesome lifelong memory tucked into our mental photo albums to be relived many times through shared stories in the years ahead.

    Your Water Vessels


    GTD gives you more for less!

    It's very simple, GTD Ministry Partners always receive the lowest price offered on our Pay-It-Now Discount regardless of the date or payment deadlines as well as other various discounts offered on different events! It's our small way of saying thank you for supporting the work of the ministry. Want to know more about becoming a Ministry Partner and all the other benefits that come with it? Click here for details.

    What you should bring


    WARNING: Expect to get wet. Kayaks & canoes can capsize & friends do splash friends. If you don't want something to get wet or sink to the bottom then you will need to waterproof it & make it float or tie it to something that floats... or consider leaving it in your vehicle (or at home).

    [  ] "Travel" Bible (may get wet!)
    [  ] 1 Gallon of Water PER PERSON (including 2 Water Bottles)
    [  ] Food & Snacks
    [  ] Flashlight w/ New Batteries
    [  ] Pocket Knife
    [  ] Sunglasses
    [  ] Sun Screen / Lip Balm
    [  ] Poncho (everyone must have)
    [  ] Insect Repellent
    [  ] 2 Plastic Bags (for wet clothes and to protect car seats)
    [  ] 2 Zip-Lock Bags (very handy)
    [  ] Eyeglasses / Contacts (if applicable)
    [  ] Any Necessary Meds (if applicable)
    [  ] GTD WAIVER (Filled out and SIGNED prior to participating!)

    [  ] Small Tent
    [  ] Sleeping Pad
    [  ] Sleeping Bag
    [  ] Very Small Pillow
    [  ] Cooking Equipment
    [  ] Eating Utensils

    [  ] Waterproof Camera
    [  ] Extra Money

    Bring proper amount and types of activity clothes based on the weather forecast. When possible wear clothing that is lightweight & quick drying.
    [  ] Activity Shorts
    [  ] Activity Shirts
    [  ] Seasonal Jacket (optional)
    [  ] Lightweight Pants (optional)
    [  ] Knit Cap (optional)
    [  ] Activity Shoes (optional)
    [  ] Socks (optional)
    [  ] Watershoes or Sandals
    [  ] Shade Hat / Visor
    [  ] Swimsuit(s)
    [  ] Underwear
    [  ] Change of Clothes

    Toilets & showers will NOT be available. We will be setting up portable primitive toilets on the island. It's actually kind of fun!
    [  ] Lightweight Towel
    [  ] Biodegradable Soap
    [  ] Biodegradable Shampoo
    [  ] Wet Wipes (very handy!)
    [  ] Toothbrush
    [  ] Toothpaste
    [  ] Deodorant (please bring!)
    [  ] Brush / Comb
    [  ] Hair Care / Gel / Spray
    [  ] Razor
    [  ] Shaving Cream
    [  ] Half roll of Toilet Paper

    **DON'T BRING: Jewelry - or - Valuables**