LIQUID Kayaking Trek (March 30, 2024)

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LAST UPDATED: April 13, 2023 at 9:00am
CURRENTLY REGISTERED: 4 people out of 50 spots

2.0 - ROBUST
$30  $FREE

LIQUID Kayaking Day Trip
(Day Before Easter Event)
March 30, 2024 (Saturday) - St. Petersburg, FL (Weedon Island Preserve)



Here's the gist!

LIQUID is what we call our kayaking day trip that's open to the public. Florida is saturated with many incredible paddling destinations and GTD wants to take you there! Let GTD put you in the seat of one of our kayaks as we guide you into God's liquid playground. LIQUID paddling trips are Christ-centered events that include lunch, a daily devotion from the Bible, all paddling equipment, full time guides, and a whole lot of God-awesome fun!!. We invite you to join us on one of our annual LIQUID paddles as we explore one of Florida's refreshing waterways in God's amazing creation. Spots do go fast so sign up today!

Check out this informative video produced by Pinellas County Communications

The Specifics


  • LIQUID Kayaking Day Trip
  • March 30, 2024 (Saturday)
  • 12:00pm - 4:30pm
  (See "What Is Included" and "What Is NOT Included" below)  
  • REG = $30/person  NOW: FREE!!
      TO REGISTER:  
    • Weedon Island Preserve (SOUTH PADDLING TRAIL) 
      • Meet at the Canoe Launch next to the Fishing Pier
      • Address: 1800 Weedon Drive NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33702
      • GPS: 27°50.654'N, 82°36.671'W
      • NOTE: DON'T GET CONFUSED!! GTD is not associated with Sweetwater Kayaks or any other canoe / kayak rental businesses located within Weedon Island Preserve. We will be located at the Canoe Launch right next to the Fishing Pier. Vendors will be located along the drive back to the Canoe Launch, but they are not associated with GTD and won't be able to assist you with any questions or details about our trip.
        MIN. PEOPLE:  
      • 2
        MAX. PEOPLE:  
      • 50
        AGE RANGE:  
      • All ages (15 & under must be accompanied by an adult)
      • Your group size can not exceed 10 people
      • Each tandem kayak holds 2-3 paddlers / Single kayaks hold only 1 paddler
      • Kayaks are selected in order of registration
      • Participants may bring their own kayak(s) and/or canoe(s)
      • Individual participants will either be issued a single-person kayak or placed in a tandem kayak with a 2nd paddler
      • Center seats can be added to some tandem kayaks to accommodate 1 additional small child
      • The most experienced paddler should sit in the rear seat of a tandem kayak in order to steer it
        CANCEL DATE:  
        (If the minimum amount of people do not register for this event by the date listed below then this 
          event will be rescheduled or cancelled.)  
      • No Cancel Date!
      • Transportation is not supplied by GTD
      • We will be meeting at the Weedon Island Preserve Canoe Launch for the South Paddling Trail located next to the Fishing Pier. (See Visitor's Map)
      • RESTROOMS: Fully equipped public restrooms will be available at the Canoe Launch. There are no restrooms available during the canoe trip.
      • PARKING IS LIMITED NEAR THE CANOE LAUNCH! Throughout the day fishermen & other paddlers will be accessing the same area we will be using for our trip. It is common to have to park your vehicle in the Weedon Island Preserve Cultural & Natural History Center parking area and walk about half of a mile to the Canoe Launch. If this is the case for you and you are carpooling then you may want drop off your passengers at the Canoe Launch (along with any supplies you are bringing on the canoe trip) before parking in the further parking area.
      • Meet at Canoe/Kayak Launch (next to the Fishing Pier) 
      • Lunch
      • Welcome & Introductions
      • Collect Waivers
      • Distribute Kayaks & Gear
      • Paddling Instructions
      • Group Picture & Group Prayer
      • Put-In / Start Paddling (approx 2.5 hrs)
      • Squishee Ball Wars / Kayak Races / Individual Pictures
      • Devotional (On The Water)
      • Complete Canoe/Kayak Trail
      • Rinse Kayaking Equipment
      • Load Kayaks & Gear
      • Depart
        LUNCH and SNACKS:  
      • A group lunch will be provided with your event at the fishing pier around noon-ish.
      • Lunch, some snacks, and one bottle of water is included with your trip.
      • A sample menu for this type of trip may include your choice of sandwiches (turkey or chicken w/ sliced cheese or peanut butter & jelly) on whole grain bread served with chips. Typical beverages: water &/or lemonade. A typical snack during canoeing may be granola bars.
      • We don't supply a lot of snacks so bring them if you need them. Participants are usually very hungry after paddling.
      • If you are gluten free, a vegetarian, or have special dietary needs we try to have some alternative options, but you will want to bring supplemental meals just in case. We aren't able to prepare for all of the various and numerous dietary needs we encounter each trip.
      • Full time guides, event planning, kayaks, paddles, PFD's, lunch & drinks, small snacks, Christ-centered devotional, free downloadable event pictures, a God-awesome lifelong memory!
      • Transportation, additional snacks, dry containers, water bottles, items listed on checklist (see below).
      • GTD Waiver [If possible please print & complete prior to arrival. Waivers will be available at the event.] (Any participant under 18 must also have parent/guardian sign each waiver)
      • BE PREPARED FOR THE WEATHER! Check the weather forecast before arrival and prepare accordingly. Typical weather for this time of the year is sunny with the possibility of daily rain and thunderstorms. Temperatures usually reach the high 80's or low 90's. Be prepared for the weather. Use sunscreen. Wear shade hats. Stay hydrated. Wear appropriate clothing for the forecasted weather.
      • GTD: 727-692-5296 (GTD cell phone - Doug Garner)


      Another liquid sensation in God's playground!


      An excerpt from The Tampa Bay Times: "This 1,046-acre park has some of the best fishing and canoeing in the state. The 4-mile canoe trail will show you Weedon at its wildest. The mangrove islands and narrow passes will challenge paddlers of all skill levels. Accomplished paddlers will finish the trail in two hours but plan for three if you want to stop and enjoy the sights."

      An excerpt from "Weedon Island Preserve is a 1,046 acre park in Pinellas County that is home to many different species of wildlife and plants. The park was established for preservation and education and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. For the paddlesport enthusiast, Weedon Island offers two canoe trails only minutes from St. Petersburg, Largo and Pinellas Park. In many locations, the mangroves grow so they form a canopy (tunnel). Weedon Island has a very colorful and long history. The island was originally inhabited by early Native Americans. For the careful observer, it's easy to spot elevated sections of ground that may be shell middens or burial mounds."

      NOTE: THE LAST MILE IS THE HARDEST. The first 3 miles of the canoe trail is relatively shallow as it meanders through a canopy of mangroves which supplies a lot of shade as well as protection from winds and waves. But the last mile is in deeper open water as we paddle back towards the Fishing Pier. The possibility of winds, waves, water current, sun exposure, boaters, and other variables makes the last mile the most challenging. In addition, canoes have a higher center of gravity which makes them easier to capsize when paddlers inadvertently swift their weight or become unbalanced.

      Pick Your Paddling Vessel

      GTD offers a variety of recreational and tandem kayaks made by several different companies such as Perception, Lifetime, Old Town, Future Beach, Heritage, ClearWater Design, and more. They vary in length from 9 feet to 12 feet. Our vessels are a combination of sit-in kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks.

      Sit-On-Top Tandem Kayaks

      Recreational Sit-In Single Kayaks

      Kayak Paddle

      Kayak PFD

      - CHECKLIST -
      What you should bring


      WARNING: Expect to get wet. Vessels can capsize & friends do splash friends. If you don't want something to get wet or sink to the bottom then you will need to waterproof it & make it float or tie it to something that floats... or consider leaving it in your vehicle (or at home).

      Bring proper type of activity clothes based on the weather forecast. When possible wear clothing that is lightweight & quick drying.
      [  ]  Modest Swimsuit
      [  ]  Activity Shorts
      [  ]  Activity Shirt
      [  ]  Seasonal Jacket (optional)
      [  ]  Footwear (Sandals, Watershoes, Flip Flops, or Tennis Shoes)
      [  ]  Hat / Visor
      [  ]  Towel
      [  ]  Change of Clothes (optional)

      [  ]  2 FULL Water Bottles
      [  ]  Sunglasses
      [  ]  Sun Screen
      [  ]  Lip Balm
      [  ]  2 Plastic Bags (for wet clothes and to protect car seats)
      [  ]  2 Zip-Lock Bags (very handy)
      [  ]  Eyeglasses / Contacts (if applicable)
      [  ]  Any Necessary Meds (if applicable)
      [  ]  GTD WAIVER (Filled out and SIGNED prior to participating if possible!)

      [  ]  Waterproof Camera
      [  ]  Favorite Snacks / Energy Bars
      [  ]  Insect Repellent
      [  ]  Extra Money

      **DON'T BRING: Jewelry - or - Valuables**