Wednesday, September 13, 2023



It's with a heavy heart that I share that my little buddy... my shadow that follows me everywhere... my 4-legged bestie (who adopted me 15 years ago) passed away unexpectedly (but naturally and peacefully, I believe) earlier today. A few days ago she was running and bouncing around the yard like usual then a couple of days ago she started "being off". I took her to the vet this morning (Tues) and they took some X-rays which revealed something going on in her lungs (possibly pneumonia or possibly even lung cancer). I brought her home to start on an antibiotic & steroid while we waited for the results, and about an hour later she passed away in the living room laying down while I was mowing the yard. I'm so bummed and sad to say goodbye to this wonderful creation of God. I have more to share (pictures & stories) about this precious dog and all that she added to our lives and the life of GTD. She blessed our lives for 15 God-awesome years! She would jump up and down when Laurie came over to take her for a walk or when I would take her & her sister for a ride in the truck. I have more to share, but I'm rushing to leave in a few hours (I'm having to do another dreaded all-nighter) for 2 weeks to run a 17-mile Backpacking Trip in the wilderness along the GA/TN state line followed by a 5-day Adventure Trip. I already miss my little buddy who would usually be within 5 feet of me all the time. She now joins her sister Faith (our other 4-legged bestie) in doggie heaven. Wow, it has been a rough year of loss. We will miss you and always love you Courage!