Thursday, April 20, 2023


Please keep Dad in your prayers. He swelled up with 20 lbs of retained water over the period of a week or two, and his bloodwork came back with some concerning numbers. His Primary Physician wanted him to go to the ER, but Dad is so worn out with being hospitalized that he wanted to try to manage it from home. After a few days of increased diuretics, a trip for a couple diagnostic tests, and a few home health nursing visits he dropped 10 lbs. It was looking like he may avoid the hospital. But his heart Dr wanted to see him. After another set of labs his bloodwork was showing that despite the drop in retained water some of his other numbers were significantly worsening. The P.A. & Heart Doctor implored Dad to go on to the ER so that he could get several diagnostic tests immediately and be admitted to the hospital where his heart and kidney doctors could treat him and zero in on the cause. On Tuesday we went straight to the ER from his heart Dr's office where Dad spent 6 hours getting a myriad of tests by a great hospital staff. Around 10pm he was admitted to Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater. Yesterday his Dr's were trying to figure out the cause and then the course of treatment for whatever is going on. Even though his kidney numbers were crashing they were able to rule out his fragile kidneys as the root problem. They have narrowed it down to his heart, and are still determining exactly what's going on, and ultimately what means of intervention to take. Open heart surgery was mentioned as a possibility, but later ruled out. We were hoping to have a final diagnosis before posting this update, but would rather ask people to lift him up in prayer while it's all being figured out. He has had an excruciating past 7 months and has displayed an amazing level of resiliency with each crushing situation. Over the past 2 months he has actually taken several positive steps forward (literally) since his knee replacement surgery. We knew the recovery would not be a perfect straight line and that he would probably have a few hiccups or setbacks along the way... this is one of those hiccups. PTL, he has been trending in a better trajectory since mid February. Today he is battling something related to his heart plus the exhaustive toll that journeys like this take on your overall morale. Thank you so much for your love and prayers (even if it takes us days, weeks, & months to reply back to your loving & supportive comments, cards, texts, & voicemails). We are not worthy of such love and support, but we praise God for it!! Traci and I will keep you updated as we learn more specifics. All our love <3 !!