Tuesday, January 3, 2023


One of the great joys of being a part of a non-profit organization is seeing first hand the generosity and love of incredible people! Let me introduce you to Cocoa Kayaking of Cocoa Beach, Florida. A couple of weeks ago we received a call from this big hearted business asking if we could use 15 "experienced" tandem kayaks because they were purchasing a new fleet of vessels. They had 15 Perception Rambler tandem kayaks that are only 2-years old ready for pick-up if we were interested. Heck yeah! These kayaks are in great condition with many years of life left in them for our ministry! We estimate that we will take thousands upon thousands of people out on them over the next 10 years! That's a BIG DEAL for our ministry! Cocoa Kayaking could have sold these kayaks for about $350 each, but they chose to find a non-profit organization that could put them to good use. And to top it off they threw in 19 kayak seats, 27 paddles all in good to great condition, & a half dozen new tie-down straps! All totaled we estimate this donation is valued at over $6500!! But the impact God will make thru them over the next 10 years will be PRICELESS! And the opportunity we had to meet and talk to some of the staff & owners of Cocoa Kayaking was such a blessing and wonderful experience. THEY! ARE! SO! AWESOME!!
Yesterday, a good friend (who always tells me he doesn't want any recognition) and I drove over to Cocoa Beach to pick up the kayaks. Yesterday afternoon we safely returned with our newly added vessels! Thank You Jesus!!
If you find yourself on the east coast of Florida looking for a great adventure then get connected with Cocoa Kayaking at one of their locations at Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island or Titusville. They offer DAYTIME, SUNSET, ECO KAYAK FISHING, BIOLUMINESCENT AND LED TOURS... including Clear Bottom Kayaks!
And that's not all! Cocoa Kayaking is a proud sponsor of the Haulover Canal located in Mims, Florida. You can join Cocoa Kayaking on a FREE guided tour while cleaning up the lagoon along the Haulover Canal! Cocoa Kayaking clean up crews are provided with complementary photos as well! Have fun cleaning up the environment, Cocoa Kayaking style!
And, if that wasn't enough to cause you to absolutely love this full-hearted outfitter then check this out: Every purchase with Cocoa Kayaking feeds a child and so much more! Due to the amazing Cocoa Kayaking team and customers, Cocoa Kayaking has just finished building their first orphanage in Hanumangarh, India with the House of Mercy & Grace Ministries. You can add @cocoakayaking and @sammehra777 on social media for Orphanage and Donation updates!
And, of course, check out their impressive website here: https://www.cocoakayaking.com/
I personally can't wait to try out their clear bottom kayaks and bioluminescent tour!
Join me in saying thank you to this wonderful, generous, loving, fun business by taking a couple of minutes to pray for their continued success, daily safety, and further impact on all those they encounter and invest in! They have a big fan with Going The Distance Adventure Ministry!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH COCOA KAYAKING!!! You just blessed so many people through your magnanimous donation and helped launch GTD into our 27th year of ministry!!!! God bless you new friends!!!