Monday, September 26, 2022


From ER to Ronald McDonald to Rays game to visiting Mom to Red Lobster to Ice Cream Cake it was a full and great birthday with family! Praising and thanking God for another year of life (even if it was a very rough year), and so thankful to friends and family that have lifted our family up in prayer, love, & encouragement over the past 2 years. God has graciously given us a couple months of stabilization and it has slowly (& at times quickly) breathed some fresh life into our dry bones. Aaaaaaaaand most importantly, our Mom is doing the best she's done in 2 years :) :) :) 
Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes and walks down memory lane on Facebook, texts, etc! I'm officially 52 which is the reverse of how I really feel (25). Thank You Jesus!
*I was in the ER to ring in my birthday from 12.30a to 2.30a because a few hours earlier we took a group out on a bioluminescence paddling tour and I was belly flopping in the water to make some cool looking glowing splashes of blue glowing bioluminescence. It was a blast! But it was also low tide and we drifted to a spot with about 18 inches of water and I landed on a sting ray with my right calf. He stung my calf pretty good. So after we continued on with the trip and eventually brought all the gear back home and rinsed it off I went to the ER to be on the safe side because stingray stings are venomous and can lead to a pretty bad infection if any barbs broke off inside your body or if any bacteria from the bay got inside as well... plus my calf felt like it was going to explode. Thankfully the X-Ray was clear (no barbs) and soaking my leg in hot water brought immediate relief... and I got a 7 day prescription for an antibiotic which was the main thing I was there for. Needless to say I got many birthday wishes from the ER staff since they always ask your date of birth and I would say, "Actually it was 52 years ago today!" Haha! Ironically I got stung by a ray and 12 hours later we were attending a Rays baseball game LOL 
Now onto to hurricane prep! Have a great week, and praying for the best for everyone as Hurricane Ian churns this way.