Wednesday, May 4, 2022

It's a loooong road ahead...

It's a loooong road ahead, but Mom has been making small steps of steady progress. She isn't able to stand up by herself yet, but with assistance she has been able to stand up and stay standing for 5 minutes, walk with a walker and assistance for 50 ft, and pedal the exercise bike for 15 minutes. Alzheimer's is a wild condition... 10 minutes later she has no idea that she went to physical therapy or that she fell and broke her femur or that she had surgery... but then again, some things are nice to forget haha. She's getting great care, and has physical therapy, occupational therapy, & speech therapy 6 days a week. (She gets speech therapy because they cover cognitive issues... I didn't know that.). Dad is also recovering well from his pacemaker implant. Thanks for praying for them!