Wednesday, February 26, 2020


After a pleasant night's sleep of camping on an island with temps in the mid 50's it was time for breakfast, breaking down camp, and a short group devotion from 1 Timothy 6:17.

We repacked the kayaks with all of our gear and heading back onto the water.

The intercoastal that was choppy yesterday afternoon was now calm and smooth. The conditions were perfect! The sky was deep blue, the water was emerald green, and the beach sand was bright white.

We paddled 2.5 miles to and along the west side (the beach side) of Caladesi Island State Park which included a short portage across the beach from the intercoastal waterways and over to the wide open Gulf of Mexico.

We enjoyed a snack break and later on a lunch break on one of the top rated beaches in the great USA. Caladesi is truly a national treasure.

After lunch and time on the beach it was time to finish our 10 mile loop with our last 2.5 mile paddle along the coast of Caladesi Island then up and back over to the Dunedin Causeway where it all began.

The afternoon waves & chop had picked back up so we pressed on without a break until we reached our ending point. We did it! We completed our adventure! We finished what we started! We went the distance as a team!

One of the great blessings in life is finishing something that you started. And all 8 of us did exactly that. We came. We paddled in paradise. And we finished our 10 mile adventure quest.

Now it becomes a God-awesome memory we will talk about for years to come! Thank You Almighty God for creating an amazing playground for us to enjoy!! Glory to God =)