Thursday, December 5, 2019


This is a local adventure I came up with 6 years ago, but had to set it on the back burner (with about 200 other adventure ideas floating around in my head). But this may be the right timing to revisit this idea as GTD begins to expand our "backyard footprint".

We travel all over out-of-town to take people to amazing destinations, but we also live surrounded by some of the most sought after destinations in the world - Pinellas County Beaches! We have several adventure opportunities right here in our own backyard that millions of people flock to all year long. They're already coming to us so we need to master this area and develop GTD's comprehensive selection of Pinellas County based adventure opportunities.

One of those possible adventures is a 5-day 100 mile perimeter paddle challenge around the peninsula of Pinellas County (wow, that's a lot of p's). Theirs many different ways to do this with a variety of accommodations (island camping, hotels, resorts, host families, etc). It can also be done in sections over a period of time for our one-day adventurers and weekend warriors.

I'm hopeful to recon this in the next 2 months if anyone wants to join me for a day or 2 or 5!! Let me know what you think =)

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