Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Unprecedented! It's 3 weeks after our last camp and I'm still dying out 16 tents, rainflies, tarps, and our base camp gear.

Our worst case scenario is getting rain during the last couple of days of camp because that means we have to pack up everything while it's still wet and return home to set it all back up to dry out. It's a race against mold and mildew!

This has been one of our wettest summers in 23 years of ministry. It consistently rained throughout our summer camps in north GA & TN, and it has rained almost non-stop in Florida since I returned.

I used 3 of our retired rappel ropes to create three 70 foot clotheslines across the backyard as well as nearly every inch of wooden fence & dry grass for drying racks.

When I'm home and it's not raining I run out to dry out as much as I can before the next band of storms pass through... it's like a cardio dry out workout!

At this rate I should be done by our next camp in November ;)