Wednesday, March 6, 2019


4 new trailer tires!!

If you've followed our ministry for anytime at all then you know that flat tires is our nemesis! We (and those who work for, volunteer for, and participate with GTD) get flat tires while on our events all the time. It happens so often that I often wonder if God's actual call on my life is to the tire changing industry. In fact, I jokingly refer to our routine flat tires as "The Curse of GTD". It hits us and everyone who joins us. We have not gone a year without a flat tire for... for... for... possibly forever. Last year we made it to the last event of the year before we had our first flat... a blowout on the expressway... we almost made it the full year! (But several of our volunteers had flats last summer.) So, with that somewhat recent flat in mind & the tell tale signs of much wear & tear on our current tires we are switching from a reactionary approach of tire changing (from on the side of the interstate) to a proactive approach to tire changing (before the flat tire ever happens). Last week we purchased 4 new trailer tires to kick off the 2019 retreat season. It's one more small/big wise "change" we are making as we strive for excellence in ministry & life. One of our goals for 2019 is: NO FLAT TIRES! Hopefully this becomes one of the wise adjustments that minimizes "The Curse of GTD"... but, then again, I've always liked the Nascar tire changing challenges along the journey... and it has supplied us with endless stories, memories, and highway team building & bonding... maybe I should put the old tires back on.... maybe.... maybe?!?! Hahaha!

Hopefully this post didn't leave you deflated and feeling flat ;)