Friday, January 25, 2019


It took about 10 truckloads to move everything, but today we are finishing transferring all of our remaining equipment & gear from rental storage to my garage.

For 12+ years a wonderful couple allowed GTD to store a lot of our equipment & supplies at their business for FREE!! But a couple of years ago they changed insurance companies and their new insurance policy wouldn't allow for our equipment & free range access into the building. So our only option was rental storage for the past couple of years. We shuffled from unit to unit a few times to save on the monthly rate, but over time the rates kept increasing until it reached about $250/month ($3000/year) (OUCH!). But my new fixer-upper house came with an 850 sq ft garage that will serve as our new storage facility. Score!!! This will not only save the ministry $3000 each year, but it will give me instant access to all of our supplies. Win! Win!

Now that's a great way to start the year =)