Friday, August 17, 2018


I've literally got dozens and dozens of renovation projects to tackle over the next two years, but replacing this particular section of drywall wasn't one of them!! Ahhhhhh & LOL in the same breath!

One of the GTD Dogz (Courage) has pretty bad separation anxiety, but has learned to cope with it by destroying things I value. It's our little game... I leave, she gets upset and destroys something I value (she rarely chooses any of her 20 dog toys or available cardboard boxes), then I return to her "surprise" for me, then I get upset, and then she looks at me with her puppy dog eyes and seems to say, "Now you know how I feel when you leave." It's really a wonderful game! Surprises, rollercoaster emotions, tension, forgiveness, unconditional love (she's mastered that one!).

I will add this project to the renovation list as well as an indestructible kennel for the dogs for when I leave the house. Hopefully Courage can put this talent to work when it's time to demolish the old kitchen, etc. Hahaha!