Saturday, August 12, 2017


Our mission trip to Costa Rica with Cross Mountain Church of Texas was phenomenal! Laurie Finger and her US missions team of Dave Ungar along with John and Jen Brueggen did a FANTASTIC job and are on their flight back home. Check out how Pastor Dave described this experience:

What a GOD AWESOME LAST DAY and night we had. The construction team and other pitching to get a community kitchen built. The pastor here said, "THIS IS A HUGE ANSWER TO OUR PRAYERS. A lot of these kids ONLY get to eat one time a day, and that's at school. This kitchen WILL help provide them other meals, and a platform to share the Gospel of JESUS!" Tears of Joy and a heart that praises the Lord for this. God not only helped the incredible mission team He let us lead from texas, raise the funds to get get it started, but got all 4 and 1/2 slabs of concrete up, tons of concrete poured, the framing and the roof done, with money left over for the locals to complete all the finishing touches and furnishings.  The building full of people is the kitchen, we held a church service in it, to dedicate it to the Lord. The awesome medical team, that The Lord gave me the privilege to help lead, helped approximately 200 people with the different illnesses. 
Several churches seeing people THEY have never seen darken the door of their churches BECAUSE of God using them. . The children made it possible for the medical to do there jobs by entertaining the children and Sharing the Gospel through Bible stories. What A GOD AWESOME MISSION TRIP GOD GAVE ME THE PRIVILEGE TO BE ON! Special THANKS to Laurie Finger who is a super kind, tender, and precious  soul and also Doug Garner, the founder of GOING THE DISTANCE MINISTRIES for giving me the privilege COME AND HELP THEM. Special thanks to JOHN & Jen from Lesson Learned Ministries  for their service, kindness, friendship and HUMOR- I still can't get enough air I have laughed so much! Thanks most of all of you for all your prayers for this TRIP!  THEY WERE ANSWERED!

- Brother Dave