Monday, February 27, 2017


There are very few things that can nourish the soul more powerfully than enjoying God's amazing creation. Maybe that's why the main part of the word "recreation" is "creation". In fact, when we combine the great outdoors with adoration of God, He converts our recreation into a personal re-creation. He renews us, refreshes us, and revives us - body, mind, emotions, and soul. Study after study shows that there are very few things that have as powerful of an overall positive impact on a human being than outdoor recreation and religion. In GTD, we combine those 2 things to bring about a God-awesome maximum impact. That's why one of our mottos is, "Love'n Life Because of Jesus Christ!". Paddle Prowl was a great weekend of concentrated adventure. We canoed 13 miles, camped out on an island, had fun together, and spent time with God - and we did it all in a paradise called Ten Thousand Islands! Now that's a great way to spend the weekend =)