Thursday, September 24, 2015

Utah Recon Continues

Continuing our trek on the amazingly scenic byways of Utah in search of the best adventures this state has to offer. We call it a "recon" trip (short for reconnaissance). It's all about the growth & advancement of the ministry. It's an investment into our future. Recon trips are all about taking theoretical trips that work good on paper and testing it in real life. We troubleshoot the logistics, activities, and ministry opportunities and see if it's doable. We go ahead and work through the mistakes that happen anytime you do something for the first time and tweak it and refine it so that we get to the point where we can effectively bring a group back and let God do His thing. All I can say is that Utah is not just a good idea, it's going to be one of GTD's premiere destinations starting in 2016. We couldn't be happier with all that we've discovered so far in this fantastic state. Utah should be on everyone's bucket list. It's absolutely phenomenal! Our recon focus for today is Capital Reef National Park. More info to come :)