Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I know I'm going to fail to mention someone (sorry!), but I want to thank several people for their help while we were gone and as we depart (we just got back 2 days ago from running trips at the Grand Canyon and we depart today to run a 3 day retreat for St Pete Christian School followed by a day trip for First Baptist of Indian Rocks). Thank you Jessica Marie for taking care of the dogs & cats for 11 days, helping us prepare for the GC Trip, cleaning our office!!!, stocking my fridge with food, and tons of other extremely helpful actions!!! Thank you Andrew Roehm for taking care of the dogs & cats for 10 days and all of your help while we were away!! Thank you Traci Garner Vescovi for helping stay on top of emails and picking up the mail from the post office and all the many things you do while we are away!! Thank you Erin Powell, Alex Powell, Bobby Sikes, Jessica Marie, and every last second volunteer for helping us set-up for nearly 100 middle schoolers who will be a part of our ministry over the next 5 days!!! Thank you Chris Korte for arranging trips and taking the bull by the horns while we were away!! I know I'm leaving out some people (sorry!!), but thank you to everyone who prays for us and encourages us while we do ministry!!! We love you! God bless you all =)