Thursday, August 7, 2014

This Was BIG!

Celebrating a supernatural mission trip in Costa Rica with Harvest Church of Watagua, TX!! It was 9 of the best days of my life with 40+ of the best people on the planet as we clothed & prayed for thousands of people in a very poor town. Thank you Ben DeWitt for daring to do BIG things! Thank you Sandi Schiveley Davis, Laurie Rodriguez, Aloha Orton Bishop, Brian Tarter, and all the Harvest leaders & church members for supporting that BIG dream! Thank you Danilo Valverde Alvarado & all the hard workers of Iglesia Buen Pastor Church for your partnership in this BIG idea! Thank you Laurie Finger for obeying God when He burdened your heart for this hardly noticed poor community & for accepting this BIG challenge! Thank you GTD supporters for helping enable all of us to make a BIG differnce in so many people's lives! And most importantly, thank you Jesus for being a BIG God who inspired & accomplished it ALL!!!