Tuesday, March 4, 2014


A One-Word Definition For Faith Is: RISK

Faith always requires you to risk something in order to display trust. We display measures of faith everyday without even thinking about it each time we sit on a chair, accelerate our vehicles, get in an elevator, or eat at a restaurant. We display that we trust that the chair will hold us, the vehicle's brakes will stop us, the elevator cables will not drop us, and the food we eat will not kill us. God created us to operate our lives in a perpetual state of faith, but He dares us to grow our faith beyond the minor accomplishments of sitting on chairs. He invites us, calls us, dares us to great things, but we must RISK leaving the comfort of our chairs in order to take hold of the deepest measures of life. Faith is like a muscle in that it wastes away if it is rarely used. But it grows bigger, stronger, and more capable when it is exercised. We have built a ministry that helps you grow your faith... that takes you to the edge and teaches you to overcome the fears that keep you from trusting and risking. There are greater tragedies in life than dying, such as living a life of regrets that comes from never risking. William Shakespeare wrote, "A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once." I want to invite you on a GTD event this year to help you grow your faith, to help you learn to take responsible risks, to move you from the coward's chair to the God-awesome adventure of a life of faith.

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