Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dr Walp Says...

Some pastors step on your toes, but Dr Aaron Walp goes straight for your head!

One month until our Grand Canyon Trip... 24 people signed-up and only a few spots left!!

Here's what Dr Walp has to say, "Lest someone think this trip is based on circular reasoning and thereby unscientific and lacking empirical data. I do not teach, nor do I claim, that the evidence suggests that the flood caused the canyon. Instead, a global flood, as recorded in nearly every ancient historical culture, could have set the stage, via stored kinetic energy caused by earthen dams, to create a catastrophic event carving the canyon (similar to the Channeled Scablands of Washington state caused by a ice dam break leading to the Missoula Flood). This trip studies flood geology and how viewable geological features of the canyon and surrounding regions support the audacious claims found in the Bible. It is fact based, not conjecture and will not disintegrate into circular reasoning."

Click HERE for the Grand Canyon link.