Monday, December 17, 2012

SWAMP THING Videos Uploaded

Check out these 2 videos full of raw footage from our SWAMP THING Backpacking Trip on the Florida National Scenic Trail (FNST) in the Everglades this past weekend.

Since this portion of trail is underwater and not visible, hikers must rely on the orange blazes painted on trees in order to navigate the swamp segments of FNST. The underwater terrain can be slow going and challenging to traverse because it is full of roots, cypress knees, & slippery mud slopes. First time swamp hikers often use the cypress trees to prevent falls. Average hiking speed is slow, usually around 1 MPH - 1.5 MPH.

Journey into the GATOR HOLE with 5 wild & crazy guys =)... This footage was taken within a large gator hole located about half of a mile off of the Florida Trail (near Mile Marker 32). It looks like the movie Jurrasic Park with ferns and various vegetation nearly 10 feet tall. With the threat of alligators, cotton mouths, pythons, and more - this is a pure adventure! We spent about 2 hours exploring this area including wading into chest deep water.