Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rock Climbing Day (SLAMMED)

Things are going great today! The day started out with French Toast and devotions. Devos were out of Daniel chapter 3. We spent about 15 minutes in prayers and quiet time before meeting together as a group to share with one another what we learned out of Daniel 3. Group devotions are always a favorite part of my day when it comes to GTD trips! It's absolutely incredible how all 25 of us can read the same verses and have God show us all something different. Currently the group is doing some rock climbing on site and exploring the area. We've got two small sliding rocks at the campsite that make for a God Awesome adventure! It's Wet n' Wild God style!!! Little Chris, who is 8 years old told me last night that he didn't sleep at all the night before coming, he said it felt like Christmas he was so excited for this trip!!! Merry Christmas Christopher!!!