Saturday, November 12, 2011

Team Building at FCC

One of GTD's Programs is Team Synergy in which we put together team building events for groups. On Tuesday we put together a day of team building with the Lady Suns volleyball team from Florida Christian College (FCC). FCC's head coach for women's volleyball is Jim Butski - a close friend and one of our former Mission Directors in GTD.

If you think about it, we are all members of teams throughout our entire life: school, sports, work, volunteer organizations, church, ministry, friendships, family, and on and on. You can't escape it; life is a team sport. Any team is only as strong as its ability to cooperatively work together towards a common goal and with a strong level of skill & excellence. Good teams can become ineffective through dysfunctional behaviors and attitudes. And poor teams can become great when those same behaviors and attitudes become highly functional.

On Tuesday we put together a mini adventure race with 8 checkpoints. At each checkpoint the FCC team would tackle a different team building intiative (intiatives are basically games or challenges that teach team building principles). The group worked well to accomplish each intiative, learn the principle, and then apply it to their team effort.

The following principles were emphasized at the checkpoints: Checkpoint # (1) = Good Communication, (2) = Imagination & Creativity to Solve Problems, (3) = Find/Invite Jesus Into Everything, (4) = Leadership, (5) = Synergize, (6) = Never Give Up & The Power of Encouragement, (7) = Be Coachable & Be Offendable Because Growth Comes Through Healthy Conflict & Confrontation, (8) Trust

It was a good day =)

Laurie, Jim & Doug
Congratulation Coach Butski - Region Coach Of The Year!!