GTD Work Projects

GTD Work Projects

Over the past month, as part of the 52 days, GTD has been diligently working within the office on countless projects... but help is needed! This is a list of some of the many things that GTD needs volunteers for. Browse through the list and let us know if there is something you'd like to help with. It's a great time to be a part of GTD!

Full Days (10am - 8pm):   February 6, 7, 9, 20, 21, 23
Half Days (2pm - 6pm):   February 8, 22
Possible Options (call to confirm):   February 10,11, 12, 18, 19, 24, 25
Not Available:   February 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

11495 66th Street N
Largo, FL 33773
   (1/4 mile north of Bryan Dairy Rd. /// East side of 66th Street between Bruce's Auto and VICI Marketing)
   (GTD is on the 2nd floor above Fortes Inboard Connection)
   (2 story white building with red & blue trim. There are no GTD signs.)

Office Work Projects

PROJECT: Unpackaging!

This stack of bins is full of little items, such as flash lights, that need to be removed from the factory packaging.
In addition, the bins themselves need to have the stickers removed.

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself and a positive attitude


These items need to be cleaned so that they can be re-purposed

WHAT TO BRING: Nothing, just yourself and a smile

PROJECT: Broken Headlights

Many of these headlights have broken pieces or wires, or an issue that cannot be identified.
Need someone to tinker with these to see if they can be saved!

WHAT TO BRING: Nothing, just yourself

TAKE HOME OPTION: This project could be picked up from the GTD office and worked on at home.

PROJECT: Dahle Paper Folder (model #10560)

This old paper folder still works, but seems to fold a little inaccurately. Perhaps a little tinkering could fix this old guy.

WHAT TO BRING: Nothing, just yourself

TAKE HOME OPTION: This project could be picked up from the GTD office and worked on at home.

Outside Work Projects

PROJECT: Pontoon Boat Restoration

Needs to have some seats replaced, new trailer tires, other small repairs, and most importantly, RE-CARPETED!

GTD already has the carpet, we just need some hard workers

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself (materials & tools supplied)

PROJECT: Canoe Trailer

This trailer is need of new trailer lights! As well as tires.

GTD has the supplies, we just need some hard workers

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself (materials & tools supplied)

PROJECT: No More Weeds!

This area behind the GTD vehicles is overgrown with grass and weeds. Buried among the mess are some GTD supplies & trailer parts.
This area just needs to be cleaned completely.

The hope for the future is to build a work area in this space!

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself, work gloves (weedeater optional)

PROJECT: Box Trailer

This trailer has accumulated random things over time, and needs to be cleaned out. Most of it needs to be thrown out, or moved to the proper location.
If you look closely you can see the carpet that will be used for the Pontoon boat!

ALSO! The plywood siding of the trailer needs to be replaced.

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself, work gloves (We are looking for a plywood donor too!!)

PROJECT: Workin' at the car wash!

These two GTD trucks are due for a nice bath.

Looking for volunteers willing to clean them!

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself & some elbow grease!

Work Project: Doug Garn....
Oh wait... that's just Doug, who needs to get to WORK on a PROJECT!

PROJECT: Fix the Dog Cage!

This cage needs to have the plywood replaced on both the top and bottom, as well as a new door! (the current one needs to bungee-ed to the sides to stay closed)

As many participants know, GTD has two dogs that accompany teams on many of the retreats. As a result, this cage is VITAL to their safe transportation. 

It also serves other purposes, such as keeping wildlife out of the trash at night!

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself (wood, saw, drill, tools supplied by GTD)

Construction Projects

PROJECT: New Carpet!

The GTD office space is in desperate need of new carpet. Every room is scattered with rips and tears, and is worn out from years of foot traffic.

WE ARE ASKING FOR A CARPET DONOR!! Email or call GTD (727-394-9483) if you would like to adopt this project =)
PROJECT: Storage!

These shelves were built to create more storage space, but still need doors to be placed on them. GTD has the hinges and the plywood is already cut to size, they just need to be attached!

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself (drill & tools supplied)

PROJECT: Stairwell!

While these stairs ARE structurally sound, they are not so easy on the eyes.
GTD is open to ideas of how to spruce up these stairs.

In addition, these are the plumbing pipes for the entire GTD office space.
Again, while structurally sound, it would be great for them to be hidden!

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself, your ideas, and work clothes

PROJECT: Drop-ceiling removal

Need volunteers to remove drop ceiling from 5 different rooms (approx. 1000 sq/ft)

The future goal, is to make use of the vertical space located above the drop-ceiling for additional storage!

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself, work gloves, & hard working attitude!