Rebuilding The Walls of GTD

GTD is in the midst of a 24 Month Funding Campaign to prepare GTD for the next 20 years of ministry. This campaign is based on the book of Nehemiah and is called:
"Rebuilding The Walls of GTD"

This 2 year campaign included a 52 day objective (from Jan 5 - Feb 25, 2015) designed to mobilize people who have benefited from GTD's programs to adopt specific areas of the ministry that needed rebuilding, repairing, or improvements. This 52 day objective was simply called "52 Days".

However, it has actually lasted longer than 52 days, and that's alright. Every ministry has different missions, needs, goals, resources, and timetables. It may have taken Nehemiah's crew 52 days to do what they were doing, but we are doing something far different. It could take our crew 52 weeks or 52 months. The point of the 52 Days objective is that we don't stop working until the walls are rebuilt. Our ministry is all about going the distance so we are persevering until the walls are rebuilt.

Because of this we have modified the name from "52 Days" to:
"52 Days Continues On!"

We would love for you to jump in and get involved in this transformational time of preparing GTD for the next 20 years of ministry!

Rebuilding The Walls of GTD
- Preparing For The Next 20 Years -

“So the wall was completed... in fifty-two days... with the help of our God.” - Nehemiah 6:15-16


In the book of Nehemiah it is revealed that the walls of Jerusalem had been broken down. The walls that were designed to fortify the city had been weakened by enemy attacks & deterioration, and no longer provided protection. Nehemiah prayed. God granted him favor and the king sent him off to repair the wall. Nehemiah traveled to Jerusalem and quietly examined the wall for damage. Then he met with the residents & leaders to share his vision of rebuilding the wall. The people responded, “Let us arise and build.” And they did just that. Families & individuals adopted different sections of the wall and repaired it piece by piece. They used the rubble from the old wall to rebuild the new wall. With a sword in one hand for protection and a trowel in the other hand for production they labored day & night. Overcoming great opposition they worked together in the power of God and rebuilt the wall in only 52 days.


It’s hard to believe, but GTD turns 20 years old on Jan 1, 2016. That’s an incredible accomplishment! We aren’t supported by a church. We are a stand alone ministry. It hasn’t been easy. We haven’t had an abundance of resources. This ministry has operated for nearly 20 years through deep personal sacrifices. But it can’t be sustained for another 20 years by relying primarily upon self sacrifice. It has to go on to the greater things of God. It’s time to make a profound transformation. Like Nehemiah, we are examining The Walls of GTD for holes, gaps, and instability. It’s time to rally the residents to a great endeavor. It’s time to prepare for the next 20 years. On Nov 18, 2014 we kicked off a 24 month campaign to “Rebuild The Walls of GTD”. We have also set in motion 52 Days (Continues On!) objective to address the breaches in the walls such as low volunteerism, outdated gear, low funding, aging trip ideas, old trailers, archaic brochures, archiving, old carpet, and hundreds of other things. We continually need families and individuals to adopt & rebuild sections of GTD during this time. CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP FOR GTD's "52 DAYS"

24 Month Funding Goal: $400,000  (11/18/14 - 11/18/16)

GTD is kicked off a 24 Month $400,000 Funding Campaign to prepare GTD for the next 20 years of ministry. This is not a 24 month fund raising drive. This is a 24 month funding drive. That means that in addition to fund raising events, our regular fee based programs and events will also go towards the $400,000 goal (the expenses for these events have already been factored in). 

The $400,000 amount represents the sum total needed to:
<>  Operate GTD for 24 months
<>  Pay off remaining debt from first 19 years
<>  Repair & improve aging equipment
<>  Acquire necessary new equipment & gear
<>  Organize & archive 20 years of data, pictures, etc
<>  Launch new events, ministries, and endeavors
<>  Strengthen & fortify our current vibrant programs, events, & ministries
<>  New marketing campaign (brochures, ads, proactively promote GTD)
<>  Office renovations and administrative infrastructure improvements
<>  Begin "famine" savings account for future recessions & troubled times
<>  Consider hiring on needed part-time assistants & co-laborers
<>  MORE TO COME. Updates will be added to the link below.

Current Timeline:
Nov 18, 2014 - Jan 4, 2015: Assess "The Walls"; Communicate the needs
Jan 5 - Feb 25, 2015: "52 Days" Objective ("All-Hands-On-Deck")
Feb 26: 52 Days Continues On!
Feb 26, 2015 - Nov 18, 2016: Transformation of a ministry; Run regular events
Nov 17, 2015: Annual Banquet
Nov 15, 2016: Annual Banquet ("The Mother of All Banquets")
Nov 18, 2016: Reintroduce "The New GTD"!!